ANDROGEOS is the largest private medical center in the Czech Republic providing complex urological, andrological and uro-oncological care. 

We propose an individual, above-standard and at the same time discrete approach to each client and high professionalism of examination as well as therapy in the areas of urology, andrology and uro-oncology.​ 


In ANDROGEOS the examination and treatment are not covered by public healthcare insurance.

Initial examination

Initial examination costs 2 500 CZK and includes examination by doctor, ultrasonography of genito-urinary tract and all necessary laboratory examinations of urine, blood and body secretions. The initial examination lasts 30 minutes (examination time does not include time for laboratory tests). Patients without insurance cover all laboratory examinations.

Check-up examination

Check-up examination costs 1 500 CZK and the doctor assesses the results of the examination, determines the treatment and establishes a treatment plan. The check-up examination lasts 30 minutes. For the majority of patients, the doctor establishes a definitive diagnosis at the first check-up examiantion.

Laboratory examination

Laboratory examiantion we provide  according to doctor's indication and after agreement with patient between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.. Patients without insurance cover all laboratory examinations.

Medical procedures and surgeries

Medical procedures and surgeries we perform in the one-day surgery regimen at our two operating theaters. Complicated surgeries we provide after previous examination at the urological departments of university hospitals. Assoc. Prof. Michael Urban M.D. and Zdeněk Otava, M.D., FEBU perform surgeries in The Faculty Hospital of Královské Vinohrady in Prague, Assoc. Prof. Jiří Heráček, M.D., PhD., MBA and Markéta Matějková M.D. perform surgeries in The Military University Hospital Prague.

How to make an appointment?

For the 1st examiantion either call 233 325 636 or fill in the form.


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